The Umbrella Academy Vanya Hargreeves Black Jacket

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Tv Series The Umbrella Academy Ellen Page Jacket

Off to the attire of Number Seven, ‘The Umbrella Academy Vanya Hargreeves Black Jacket.’ A casual look, a simple and plaid one. Always dejected. Looked down upon. Being told that you aren’t worth it. All that bottled up inside and then letting it all out in a fit of rage and anger, in case of Number Seven winds up to that point, that spells cataclysmic size destruction for whatever is in the way.

Be a Lone-Wolf

Vanya has always been a type of loner. Being so full of it, she just kept to herself. This jacket is a representation of her flying solo and trying not to get into anyone’s business.

Part-Fleece and Part-Leather (real), a quite passive blend. Similar to Vanya. Who’s also partly sane and partly insane.

Lash out!

Over the span of time, it became a common-wear item, and it was obvious that Vanya grew attached to it. A similar goes for the wearer—an overwhelming attachment with it, and also a killer-look. Literally!

Moreover, the soft texture of the fleece and combed wool. Coupled with the real leather texture on the arms and the rib-closed cuffs, it is a trendy look for cold area dwellers. A passive look, but at the same time, fiery, aggressive, defensive, and safe. It has a comforting feeling to it too.


  • Tv Series: The Umbrella Academy
  • Celebrity: Ellen Page
  • Character Name: Vanya Hargreeves


  • Material: Fleece/Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Rib Knitted Collar
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Pockets: Two Side Waist Pockets
  • Color: Black


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