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Akira Kaneda Capsule Jacket Good For Health Bad For Education

Akira Kaneda Jacket Good For Health Bad For Education

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Akira Kaneda Capsule Pill Leather Jacket

Akira Manga! Who Doesn’t Know It?

Shotaro Kaneda is one of the main characters or protagonists of the Japanese comic series Akira Manga or anime franchise. Kaneda leads a gang called Bosozoku gang and has been friends with Tetsuo Shima since childhood. The character is a symbol of defiance and courage.

He is sometimes careless and follows through with his goal without thinking much, which causes him trouble sometimes. Kaneda is a caring personality and looks out for the well-being of the members of the gang.

Japanese Cyberpunk Revolution!

Akira, also written as AKIRA, is a Japanese cyberpunk comic series, written and pictured by Katsuhiro Otomo. In the United States, the comic was published by Marvel Comics translated as their English version.

Surprisingly it was the first Japanese comic series that was ever translated into English for American audiences. The comic was first released in 1982 and there have been 6 editions of it.

The Thriller Story of Akira…

The manga is set in an apocalyptic and futuristic scenario. A mysterious explosion in Tokyo destroyed the city and was rebuilt.

20years later the protagonist called Kaneda, who is a gang leader of a revolutionary military gang, tries to stop his friend from using strange psychic powers that will awaken an individual named Akira, who was responsible for the last explosion back 20 years.

The drama also depicts issues like political instability, corruption, and power in the series.

What’s the Jacket Material?

Akira Kaneda Jacket Good For Health Bad For Education is a stylish jacket from the famous comic manga series. The material is faux leather and sheepskin leather. There is an inner viscose lining in the jacket to keep it warm and cozy.

The viscose makes the outfit feel luxurious and comfortable many more times.

What Are The Awesome Features?

The collar is stand-up with a snap tab style. The front closure is tuck lock buttoned and there are two pockets on the waist as well as two pockets inside. The pockets are spacious enough so that may be used to stuff and carry your belongings in them.

Also, the cuffs are snap tab styled and the jacket has a pill patch logo on the back to give the strong and symbolic message, ‘Good for health, bad for education.’ This Akira Kaneda Jacket fits in with party themes very well and also it makes a great Christmas outfit with its lovely red color.

Details on Sizing and Fitting…

Our jackets are made to specification and all of our products are custom made. So, there’s no need to worry about the jacket size and fitting. You’ll need to tell us your size specifications and for this visit our size charts on the product page.

Once you have decided on the right sizing for your order let us know, so we can get started with preparing your jacket. We believe in complete customer satisfaction and work to meet your requirements to the fullest.

A Word of Craftsmanship!

This luxe modern jacket is a true piece of art. It’s been finely stitched and purely hand-made. Inspired by the famous Akira manga this jacket is a love affair for all true comic lovers. If you are a serious comic lover and a die-hard fan of Akira the comic series you can’t miss this jacket, not at all.

The stock is limited and slipping away every minute. So, don’t waste time overthinking, time waits for no one, just order the jacket and deck out in it all season.

What You Need To Take Care of…

You do need to take special care as the owner of this awesome stylish jacket. Don’t wash the jacket with other clothes in the laundry machine. Don’t use bleach or sub-standard to clean it. And, use high-quality professional and standard washing agents to wash this attire.

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  • Tv Series: Akira
  • Voice Over: Mitsuo Iwata
  • Character Name: Shotaro Kaneda


  • Material: Faux Leather and Sheepskin Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Stand-Up with Snap Tab
  • Front Closure: Tuck Lock Button
  • Pockets: Two on Waist and Two Inside
  • Cuffs: Snap Tab Style
  • Style: Back on Pill Patch Logo
  • Color: Red

Akira Jacket Frequently Asked Question

1. What type of jacket does Kaneda wear?

Inspired by the popular anime and manga series, Akira, Shotaro Kaneda wears this iconic ‘Red Leather Parachute Jacket’ that has still a great impact on pop culture even after decades of its coming out.

2. Is Kaneda’s jacket leather?

Yes, this Kaneda jacket has been created with genuine leather by a team of professionals. It further carries a viscose inner for a better wearing experience.

3. What does the pill represent in Akira?

The capsule at the back of the jacket signifies the biker gang name, Shotaro was a part of. All of the gang members choose to wear this incredible ‘Red Capsule Jacket’ that also indicates the aspects of anger, drama, and rebellion.

4. Where does the writing on the back (Good for Health. Bad for Education) of Kaneda’s jacket come from?

This writing comes from some of the illustrations manga’s creator Katsuhiro Otomo made for his magazines. Although its meaning was never really clearly described, according to fans it means ‘Having good and supportive friends is healthy, but spending too much time with them might ruin your future.’

5. Where can I buy Akira Kaneda Jacket?

You can get this highly sought-after Kaneda Jacket replica right from our web store. It is made up of premium quality stuff and is available is unbeatable discounted prices.

22 reviews for Akira Kaneda Jacket Good For Health Bad For Education

  1. Mark Mazzone

    I received my jacket today and it looks great. Love the buttoned sleeves and stylish buckled collar and comfortable inner. Great deal!

  2. Andre McAuley

    Extremely nice jacket. Quality of the leather and workmanship is as good as any other jacket I have ever own. The service and communication were excellent and received the jacket in a very timely fashion. The only thing I would recommend is that you need to at least order 1 size larger than you usually wear. I wear an XL to XXL depending on the type and cut of clothing. I ordered a XXXL jacket and just fits nicely. Nothing baggy and not to snug.

  3. Todd Garton

    Good customer service being offered here…Just arrived with no problem and also within the given time limit, so good work and just keep it up! JacketJunction!

  4. Nicholas Green

    I received my jacket today and it looks great. Love the buttoned sleeves and stylish buckled collar and comfortable inner. Great deal!

  5. John Odom

    Good quality product- genuine material, colored as pictured, fits true to size. Also delivered on time. Thank you!

  6. Ramona M. Ellis

    I would must purchase one more Akira Kaneda jacket to gift my brother because the fitting is very perfect and quality is very excellent. Type a message

  7. Jeffrey I. Prieto

    No issue i have faced up to now and when i put the Akira Kaneda jacket everyone gave me the positive compliment. Happy with it.

  8. Paul P. Boone

    I am not a biker but want to say the Akira Kaneda is best for riders. I am more than happy to order again on jackets junction store just cause of jacket worked out amazingly.

  9. Rosa T. Devitt

    I was placed the order according to the size chart mentioned on site and i am happy with my Akira Kaneda jacket. Perfect fits on me. Thanks JJ Store.

  10. Henry Stillings

    Excellent one!! I will recommend to all buyers who love akira series must buy this jacket on this sellers . i also buy too and become a fan of jackets junction.

  11. Benjamin Turner

    Too cool and fine fabric. i just love the stitching style and hardworking observed in this product. Thanks sellers.

  12. Trisha bookman

    Fitting was correct, the color same as i received which i observed on the web page. Completely jacket was outstanding my husband is looking very cool after hold this. Thanks sellers.

  13. Danny Price

    I have read all the Akira manga series and being a huge fan of the comic series I really wanted to have the Akira jacket worn by the protagonist Shotaro Kaneda. I luckily stumbled upon this site and ordered it. The order was delivered on time and it’s a love, quite marvelous, piece of clothing. Love it!

  14. Gregory Harris

    I am going to gift it to my son, Tom. He really loves the Akira jacket and has been asking me buy him one for three months day in day out. Now, on his birthday next week he’ll get his gift. We already have got the Akira jacket delivered and it’s with me right now. I really appreciate the work you guys have done meet my specifications. Great big thanks to you all!

  15. Curtis Armbruster

    Nice Akira Kaneda jacket! ! Just like the color and formation. Getting too much compliments 🙂

  16. William Welker

    I ordered this Akira Kaneda on someone’s recommendation and I’m glad that it worked out well for me. Easy shopping and fun experience overall.

  17. Suzui Okazaki

    I am such a fan of the series and buying this jacket has been on my bucket list for a long time. Got it delivered yesterday and it is just perfect. Can’t wait to show it off to my friends.

  18. Chris Hothorne

    I am so much impressed by your product. I got it according to my size, the quality was fine and the shipment was fast. Good work!

  19. Max Lorenzo

    Akira Kaneda is one of my favorite anime characters and getting this jacket was on the top of my bucket list. Received the parcel a bit late but the wait was absolutely worth it. I just love it.

  20. Lola Finnick

    Thank you so much for this jacket. It fits me perfectly and was delivered to me within mentioned time.

  21. Pete Hawkins

    The styling is excellent, and the zippers are heavy-duty. This is perfect for winters. Great work guys.

  22. Gabriele

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