2021 Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit

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Tv Series Squid Game Guard Pink Jumpsuit With Hood

The Squid Game watchman outfit is genuinely clear: Red hooded jumpsuits, dark belts/tackles, and plastic fencer-like masks with one of three shapes decaled in white across the eyes—triangle, circle, and square. In any case, the opposition to get the things will be steep. With Squid Game on target to turn into the greatest non-English language hit throughout the entire existence of Netflix—and in doing as marvelous that other red jumpsuit show, Money Heist—it’s probably correct Halloween will look considerably more like a tragic occasion than in past pandemic years. The Jumpsuit outfit is unquestionably one of the most demanded Squid Game Halloween outfits this season.

We don’t think a lot about the characters behind the dark masks. Our main understanding of the red men comes through the criminal investigator Hwang Jun-ho who invades the games and murders a couple of guards, wearing both square and circle masks, which signify changing degrees of power. The guards aren’t permitted to take off their masks or become familiar with one another’s personality, however, they are clearly permitted to unhygienically remove the organs from scarcely living players and boat them to the central area for bootleg market benefit.

Whatever these characters do, their work seems unwanted, as they appear to be both desperate and furthermore obvious objectives for revolting players. On the off chance that Squid Game is recharged for future seasons, we might more deeply study the enrollment endeavors for this side of the game—the sort of extortion or cash impetuses that lie behind one’s choice to wear a red jumpsuit, kill, and afterward incinerate compatriots. Maybe they personally are playing a game. Maybe every year sees an alternate staff of watchmen also.

Now presenting our latest addition to the Squid Game merch, the 2021 Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit exclusively is made of great unique cotton material with an internal viscose lining, giving you comfort from the chilly climate. It also has a hooded collar which makes the outfit a classy one as well. Also, it is beautifully planned with a front open Zipper Closure which makes wearing the jacket as easy as it makes it to take off. It has full sleeves with Elastic Cuffs that are not only comfortable on the wrists but look like they’re in trend. It has one chest and two side waist pockets outside, and two pockets inside. It is accessible in an eye-relieving pink tone, now at a limited time discount with free shipping to the UK, US, and Canada!.


  • Material: Cotton
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar: Hodded Collar
  • Cuffs: Elastic Cuffs
  • Color: Pink

5 reviews for 2021 Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit

  1. Abbie Potts

    I don’t care if everyone is going to wear this costume on Halloween, I just have to buy it because it looks dope. Bought the mask off amazon as well so looks like I’m all good to go once this gets delivered, thanks y’all

  2. Amelia Fry

    Squid game has been trending for like 3 days on Twitter so I joined in on the hype and binged the show in one day. It’s extremely good and gave me an amazing idea to get the Squid Game Guard Red Jumpsuit for Halloween!

  3. Ezra Riggs

    Fits me perfectly and has everything I was looking for in a Halloween costume, thanks.

  4. Debra Valdez

    The delivery was spot-on and I haven’t had any issues with the jumpsuit so far. Ordering one for my husband too!

  5. Debra Valdez

    The delivery was spot-on and I haven’t had any issues with the jumpsuit so far, going to be placing an order for the hubby!

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