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What are the difference between Bomber Jacket and Biker Jacket

Wear a leather jacket is the most common attire for both men and women, typically having a front opening, sleeves, collars, lapels, and pockets. There is a wide range of jackets manufactured in different materials, but a high quality leather jacket is admired the most. There are many different styles of leather jackets are available in the market, but Bomber and Biker are very favorite outfits for ladies and gentlemen. Here, we are differentiating between these types of leather jackets i.e. Bomber Jacket and Biker Jacket. 

Leather Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket is also known as ‘flight jacket’ specifically created for pilots, but is has now become a part of today’s fashion apparel for both men and women. Bomber Jackets are made with high quality leather, tight wrist cuffs, zipper closure and elasticated waistband. Bomber Jacket is also called as an aviator jacket, and Royal Air Force Jacket – a short, cropped hems, knitted cuffs, zip or button-up, with a slight attitude. When fighter pilots throwing bombs from jet plane while wearing the jacket, later on it is known by bomber’s jacket Or bomber jacket. 

These bomber jackets are designed to cope with the cold temperature when fighter pilots are flying jet planes on the high altitudes and facing  cooler atmosphere. They are very effective and warmest outfit, more popular than bikers or motorcycle, and other fashion jackets. The bomber jacket has become a fashion trend, worn by many celebrities in movies and TV-series.   

Leather Biker Jackets

The biker jacket is also known as motorcycle jacket or racer jacket,  made with high quality leather and featuring long sleeves, zipper cuff, shirt style collar, armored shoulders – which is commonly worn by motorcyclists, riders, and bike racers. Motorcycle riding or bike racing is the most dangerous sport in the world, due to fitted, functional and practical, Biker Jackets are ideal outfit that suits your riding needs. 

With the capability to improve up a suit, or merely slung over your shoulders for an outrageous casual appearance. The leather biker jacket is on the mark, representing the high attitude of rebellion. From wheels of the biker-heads to fashion fandom, the leather biker jacket is the best outfit to add in your collection. Today, it is easy to find a real leather biker jacket for both men’s and women’s. 

Difference Between Bomber Jackets and Biker Jackets

Bomber Jacket and Biker Jacket are two parallel outfits, but don’t get confused – in the following we are explaining that what are the difference between Bomber Jackets and Biker Jackets. 

  1. The main difference in both jackets, is the style of collars. Mostly the collar of biker jacket is stand up while the bomber jackets have a full folding collar.
  2. Biker Jackets appear ordinary while the bomber jackets have a fluffy look.
  3.   Bomber Jackets are made from high quality leather with premium inner fabrics to make warm inside, on the other end Biker Jackets are lightweight, made with  heavy denim, but later on leather is being used for safety and comfort.
  4. The side zipper is normally used in Biker Jackets while the Bomber Jackets contain the front zipper closure  in the center or even use buttons instead.
  5. Both the jackets are usually tight at the waist just to let the users to have easy movements.


Today, the latest trend of jackets is moving towards bomber jacket – designed in numerous styles, colors and fits, available for both men and women. No matter that you are a sports bike rider, a cruiser rider, a cafe racer, a scooter rider – a Real Leather Biker Jacket is the ideal outfit for you to buy, or if you want to showcase your personality like a celebrity, then choose a perfect Bomber Jacket to keep up with your sense of style. At JacketsJunction, you will find various styles of high quality Leather Jackets for Men and Women including biker, bomber, motorcycle, cafe racer and fashion jackets. 


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