Top Gun Jacket
Top Gun Bomber Jacket With Patches
Tom Cruise Top Gun Leather Jacket Black
Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket
Top Gun Leather Jacket
G-1 Flight Bomber Top Gun Jacket
Top Gun Jacket
Top Gun Bomber Jacket With Patches
Tom Cruise Top Gun Leather Jacket Black
Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket
Top Gun Leather Jacket
G-1 Flight Bomber Top Gun Jacket

Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket

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  • Material: Faux Leather and Sheepskin Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Shirt Style With Faux Fur
  • Closure: Zipper Style with Waistline Rib Knitted
  • Cuffs: Rib Knitted
  • Pockets: Two on Waist and Two Inside
  • Style: 17 Patch on front and back
  • Color: Brown

Maverick Top Gun Bomber Jacket (Brown)

Inspired by the 80s classic, our Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket is a timeless outerwear holding its own significant place in pop culture. It is featured in the 1986 American action drama film op Gun as well as its recent sequel, called Top Gun Maverick, and is considered an ever-living classic among the rest of the leather jackets worn by actors and celebrities over time.

The immense popularity of the Top Gun Bomber Jacket is due to the fact that this is an actual representation of the gear issued to US navy pilots since 1938, and portrays individual battles and war heroics. The intriguing plot of the film makes it much-loved by the fans. Although it isn’t the only thing that’s keeping them hooked on the movie, the incredible attires and costumes worn by its cast throughout the movie are also sending the fashion fanatics into a frenzy.

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If you’re wondering where to get these apparel, don’t look anywhere else because Jackets Junction has brought you the trendy Top Gun Clothing that will make you an ace in the fashion world and will make you look right on-trend.

The most popular item of this collection is the Maverick Top Gun Jacket. This epic vintage-style outerwear is perfect for you to don whenever you want to make a strong style statement. The signature details of this jacket are its unique set of patches fashioned all over the front, sleeves, and back along with the straight-zip front, the ribbed-knit cuffs and hem, and the bi-swing back for greater arm movement with a belted effect across the waist.

This G-1 flight jacket is worn by Tom Cruise in one of the scenes of the film as he looks absolutely dashing while sporting this exquisite bomber style. He portrays the role of Navy Pilot Captain as Pete Maverick. The 2022 Top Gun movie is set after he has been serving for more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators. When he is called to duty for a special mission with Top Gun graduates, he must face his ghosts from the past while moving towards an uncertain future.

Is this an original Top Gun Jacket?               

The Tom Cruise Bomber Jacket available at Jackets Junction is outerwear inspired by the original jacket worn by the actor in the movie. It flawlessly emulates the iconic Top Gun Jacket and features a movie-accurate design which is a perfect attire to cosplay as the legendary character Pete Mitchell. It is also an ideal choice if you want to pay tribute to the hero whose skills and performances entertained millions around the world.

Our team of professionals has crafted this G1 Flight Jacket with the exact 17 patches on the back and front in brown color, the shirt-style fur collar keeps you warm while you go on a bike riding adventure as well as gives you a real action hero look. The amazing piece of jacket is made from high-quality leather and well-maintained Stitching to give a fashionable look, as well as enough to wear as a part of your biker wear. There are two large patch pockets, each with a button-down flap to maintain even the subtle details that give this jacket the originality it manifests.

Why you should buy Top Gun Leather Jacket from Jackets Junction?

Jackets Junction brings you this classic Top Gun Leather Jacket in a quality that you won’t find anywhere else. Every inch of the fabric is laced with careful details and created with seamless stitching that makes the jacket a premium outfit and is a must-have in your collection. The various patches displayed across the jacket further give it a sense of authenticity and allows it to look as good as the original worn by the notorious actor Tom Cruise. Not only this but another thing that sets Jackets Junction apart from its competitors is that here you can find the Top Gun Jacket for sale. With an immense concession in the given price, you can get this jacket at almost half its price without compromising on its quality.

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History of Top Gun Leather Jacket Patches

The iconic patches fashioned on the Top Gun jacket are what that gives the jacket a unique edge. These Maverick Jacket Patches draw their inspiration from or symbolize various distinct divisions and areas relating to the US navy and other significant honorary badges.  Here’s a list of the most iconic Maverick Jacket Patches so when you get this jacket you’ll know what you’re wearing.

  1. 3rd Marine Air Wing (right upper chest)

    Top Gun Jacket Third Marine Aircraft Wing Patch


It is the major west coast aviation unit of the United States Marine Corps called the Third Marine Aircraft Wing. Its mission is to provide combat-ready expeditionary aviation forces capable of short notice worldwide deployment to Marine Air-Ground Task Force, fleet, and unified commanders. It is a red-colored emblem with a marine aircraft wing logo.




  1. USS Oriskany (right chest)

    Top Gun Jacket CV-34 Patch


This patch symbolizes the USS Oriskany also known as the Mighty O. It was one of the few Essex-class aircraft carriers completed after World War II for the United States Navy. This ship is named so after the battle of Oriskany in the Revolutionary War. It is a circular patch with a golden outline, featuring a ship in the ocean with a blue sky background.




  1. Texas | Dallas (left shoulder)

    Top Gun Jacket Texas Dallas Patch


This beautifully embroidered patch nods to the flag of US Texas State Dallas. It symbolizes the state of the lone star and is called as Texas Dallas Patch. It includes red, blue, and white colors with the Texas Dallas text written on the top and bottom and a white star with a royal blue background.




  1. Seabees (left upper chest)

    Top Gun Jacket Seabees Patch


It refers to the Navy Construction Battalion also known as the Seabees and is responsible for building the temporary and permanent infrastructure at U.S. military locations around the world. The Seabee nickname is a heterograph of the initial letters “CB” from the words “Construction Battalion”. This patch is dark blue in color with a gold outline. It features a bee holding a gun and tools in its hands with a Seabees “Can Do!” text written beneath it.



  1. 3rd Marine USMC Amphibious Force (left chest)

    Top Gun Jacket VF 192 Golden Dragons Patch


The 3rd MEB, III Marine Expeditionary Force is a formation of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force of the United States Marine Corps. It rapidly conducts operations across the spectrum from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to amphibious assault and high-intensity combat. This insignia is a red-colored patch with a yellow dragon on the front.




  1. USS William H. Standley (left chest)

    Top Gun Jacket DLG 32 Cruise Patch


This patch is a historical denotation of the Belknap-class destroyer cruiser. She was named for Admiral William Harrison Standley, former Chief of Naval Operations and ambassador to the Soviet Union, and was launched as a cruiser on 30th June 1975. This emblem is a combination of red, blue, and yellow colors and displays the official logo of the USS William H. Standley.



  1. VF-1  (right arm, top)

    Top Gun Jacket VF1 Patch



Strike Fighter Squadron 1 (VFA-1), is a United States Navy F-14 Tomcat fighter squadron stationed at NAS Miramar.





  1. Top Ten, USS Ranger/CVW-2 (right arm, bottom)



This patch refers to the U.S Naval Force Aircraft Carrier Air Wing known as Carrier Air Wing Two (CVW-2). It is an older version of the award patch for being one of the top 10 carrier pilots while aboard the USS Ranger.  This iconic patch features the colors of red and dark blue with the CVW-2 Top Ten text written in bold yellow color.




  1. S. Naval Air Station Jacksonville (left arm, top)

    Top Gun Jacket NAS Jacksonville Base Patch


It symbolizes the Naval Aviation Station, which is the largest naval air station in the world, located in Duval County, Florida within the city limits of Jacksonville, and is one of the facilities for pilot training. This insignia is a combination of blue and yellow present in a triangle shape with the Naval Air Station logo in the center.




  1. Tomcat (left arm, bottom)

    Top Gun Jacket Tomcat Patch


The Tomcat Patch is an embroidered round piece with a banner underneath. It depicts a cat with a stars and stripes background and refers to the Grumman F-14 Tomcat that was central to the 1986 film Top Gun. It was the most widely used insignia ever supplied by Grumman or any other aircraft manufacturer.




  1. Comcrudesflot 9 “On the Move” (back, left shoulder)

    Top Gun Jacket Comcrudes-9 Patch


The Comcrudesflot stands for Commander Cruiser-Destroyer Flotilla. In 1978 Cruiser-Destroyer Group 5 consisted of Destroyer Squadron 9,  Destroyer Squadron 21,  Destroyer Squadron 31, and  Destroyer Squadron 37  ( Naval Reserve Force ). This emblem symbolizes the naval comcrudes-9 logo, present in the authentic color scheme of blue and yellow.




  1. Far East Cruise 63-4 | USS Galveston (back, top)

    Top Gun Jacket USS Galveston Patch


The USS Galveston was a Cleveland-class light cruiser of the United States Navy that was later converted to a Galveston class-guided missile cruiser. She was launched by William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding Company in 1945.  This patch is meant as a tribute to Galveston’s tour of the Western Pacific as well as Japan and Taiwan and thus displays a combination of these flags.



  1. LT. P. Mitchell (back, right shoulder)

    Top Gun Jacket LT P Mitchell Patch



This Lt. Pete Mitchell Jacket US Naval Aviator patch is from the movie Top Gun. This patch was located at the back of the jacket worn by Tom Cruise in the movie




  1. Vigilance | Cruisers, Destroyers, Pacific (back, lower left)

    Top Gun Jacket Vigilance Patch



The Vigilance Patch represents the advanced guided-missile destroyers and the cruisers that carry nuclear power. Vigilance was originally laid down for the Royal Navy under the lend-lease program as HMS Exploit (BAM-24).




  1. U.S. flag (back, center)

    Top Gun Jacket US Flag Patch


The top gun jacket also includes a U.S. flag emblem to pay respect to the country as well as portray inner patriotism. The American flag stripes refer to the first 13 Colonies whereas the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. It beautifully depicts the colors of white, red and blue, symbolizing bravery, virtue, and equity.




  1. U.S. 7th Fleet (back, lower right)

    Top Gun Jacket USS Seventh Fleet Patch


It refers to the U.S. Navy’s numbered fleet. It is the biggest fleet constructed by the United States during World War II. Its primary responsibilities include providing commands during natural catastrophes and military activities.





  1. CVW-19VF-194 Cruise Patch

    Top Gun Jacket CVW-19 VF-194 Cruise Patch


This emblem is also known as the Carrier Air Group 19. It was an aviation unit of the United States Navy and was originally established as VF-91 on 26 March 1952, re-designated VF-194 in 1963, and disestablished on 1st March 1978, being the third US Navy squadron to be designated VF-194.





People Also Asked for Top Gun Flight Jacket

Q).  What is the Top Gun jacket?

Taken from the immensely famous movies, action-romance movies Top Gun (1986) and Top Gun: Maverick (2022), it is one of the most sought–after outerwear that sends the movie fans in a frenzy due to its trendy and vintage style appearance.

Q). What color was Tom Cruise Jacket in Top Gun?

Tom Cruise wears a Brown G-1 flight jacket with patches all over its front, back, and sleeves. This jacket is still one of the most fan-favorite items and is highly popular in the fashion world.

Q). How old was Tom Cruise when Top Gun was filmed?

When Top Gun was filmed in 1986, legendary actor Tom Cruise was around the age of 24. Whereas during Top Gun Maverick he is around 59-years-old.

Q). Is there a sequel to Top Gun?

Top Gun 1986 does have a sequel and it’s called Top Gun: Maverick, premiering on May 27, 2022.

Q). Was Top Gun filmed with real jets?

In the movie real jets were used as well as green-screen sets for most of the cockpit scenes. Some of the planes used were F-14 squadron jets, including the VF-114 “Aardvarks” and the VF-213 “Black Lions” planes.

Q). Where is this Jacket inspired from?

This iconic Jacket is inspired by the closet of Pete Mitchell, a fictional character from the widely popular movie Top Gun: Maverick.

Q). Who wears this Jacket in the movie?

One of the world’s highest-paid actors, the dashing Tom Cruise, wears this fan-favorite Jacket in the movie.

Q). How to dress like Maverick in Top Gun?

For those trying to cosplay this incredibly famous Tom Cruise Look, you can pair this replica of the G1 Flight Bomber Jacket with a simple white shirt and blue denim.

Q). What jacket did Tom Cruise Wear in Top Gun?

In this movie, Tom Cruise aka Maverick wears a Leather Bomber Jacket with a faux leather collar and multiple patches attached all over.

Q). What patches were on Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket

On Maverick Leather Jacket, you can find patches that include Texas Dallas, Far East Cruise 63-4, US S Galveston, Seabees, Jacksonville, Power For Peace, Vigilance, LT.P Mitchell, American Flag, US Naval Aviator, and some more.

Q). How many patches are used on this Jacket?

A total of 17 patches are present on this Jacket. These patches are exactly like the original.

Q). Where can I get this Tom Cruise Maverick Leather Jacket?

You can get this Tom Cruise Maverick Leather Jacket replica from our online store. It is created by a team of highly professional individuals and is available in premium quality.

Q). What other Top Gun maverick jackets do you have in your store?

Besides this Jacket, you can also discover Maverick White New Top Gun Jacket, Kelly McGillis Top Gun Jacket, among a vast catalog of numerous eye-catching outerwear.

26 reviews for Tom Cruise Top Gun Jacket

  1. Douglas Decker

    You cant hate Tommy Cruise and neither can you hate what he fashions

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    I make quite a few online purchases this was one of the best great quality great price!!

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    one word: Class… both the actor and his jacket so you just scroll past without at least thinking about buying!!! TOP STUFF

  4. Samuel Mullins

    No one can beat the quality of leather which jacket junction is used. i noticed the quality of stuff. Excellent!!

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    You never dislike this jacket because it will always give you an outstanding look. This is my experience with it. Try now and make a fan of JJ sellers.

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    The tomcat patch is missing but other than that the jacket is perfect. The fitting is amazing and it’s got a macho vibe to it so easy 5 stars!

  7. Shea Campbell

    I’m amazed at how correct y’all got this jacket! The patches are perfectly stitched, the sizing is amazing and it feels really high quality. I’ll definitely be shopping here more often!

  8. Braden Blake

    Not only a cool jacket but hella comfortable as well. Thanks jackets junction!

  9. Cane

    I swear this jacket never goes out of fashion. Been a fan since the first movie came out and finally buying it thanks to jacketsjunction.

  10. Tom Hillton

    Watched the movie after seeing this jacket in your store and the next thing I did was to order it. Can’t wait to wear it.

  11. Vincent Chase

    Oh My God!!!!!!!! This top gun jacket is exactly the one Tom Cruise wears in the movie. After wearing I feel like him lol.

  12. Spencer

    This jacket has easily become one of my favs. It is stylish, comfortable, and doesn’t irritate my skin like usual winter clothing.

  13. Farlan Arlert

    Gonna wear this jacket to Top Gun Premier. Thanks for delivering it on time. Checked the fitting and quality, everything’s perfect.

  14. Tristin Hasting

    I have ordered from here before and was already sure about the quality and all but the thing I was worried about was the patches, thankfully all of them are present on the jacket and are exactly as the original.

  15. Miriam

    I looooove the jacket so much, it is heavy,made of quality leather material,doesn’t feel cheap at all and fits me just the way I like,a girl told me that I look good in it and also asked if I was a biker.

  16. Haisy Howl

    Tom is my favorite and i love this jacket.

  17. Po Wong

    I ordered as custom made, It come perfectly fit, good quality leather, soft, comfortable, reasonable price, and good communication with the seller. I am very happy to do business with Jacket Junction and will buy again.

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    THE JACKET IS AWESOME………… The craftsmanship is second to none…& The service is prompt & adequate, EVERYTHING WAS EXCELLENT… I’ll definitely be back.

  19. Asa Hershoff

    100% satisfied, excellent quality

  20. Alex Shaw

    Jacket fits good and is well made- quality material.

  21. Samuel Santiago

    I didn’t expect a replica to be this good. it looks amazing and the best thing is I got it within the mentioned delivery time. Excellent work!

  22. Carlos Braxton

    Everything from patches to fabric, the design, and color were exactly as shown in the picture and the prices were affordable too. Thumbs up

  23. Lola Mathews

    This jacket is just awesome. I bought a medium size and it fits me perfectly as if I got it custom-made. As for the quality, it is pretty fine if you look at the price, I don’t think you can find this much good quality products at such a low price.

  24. Ben Shelby

    Perfect Jacket. Exactly looks like the one shown in the movie.

  25. Charity

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