Men's Café Racer Punk Biker Leather Jacket

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  • Material: Real Leather
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: Snap Tab Collar
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Cuffs: Zipper Cuffs
  • Color: Black, Blue/Brown, White

Men’s Café Racer Punk Rock Biker Leather Jacket

Men’s Café Racer Punk Biker Leather Jacket started from the very famous café racer bikes, which originated in the 1960s when after the end of World War Two the soldiers coming back from the war would use these bikes on their way and sometimes spend time at pubs, bars, and local cafes, to entertain themselves.

The Café Style Bike

The café bikes were mostly a sign of luxury and wealth and a lot of people used to own these bikes as a hobby. They would go out to ride the bikes for short distances and rest at cafes that lay in the way.
The café bikes also introduced café jackets which were stylish and good quality leather jackets made to assist the bikers with their rough and bumpy rides. These have been made with leather all along and are excellent protection from the sun, dust, and fast winds.

The Mysterious Punk Culture

Another style that got popular was the punk style in fashion, also called gothic fashion, and has been now for quite a long time. It also originated in the 50s and 60s when the movements against governments were strong and people were very rebellious to certain laws and legislations.
The punk style is mostly followed by people who spend their lives in the gothic community which has developed its own cultural norms and values. The gothic people are not really friendly with normal people and live a certain kind of life. They wear outfits that are seen as a sign of aggression, rebellion, and hard life.

A Mix Of Punk And Café Bikers

Punk culture has its own music which is very hard, noisy, and rock style. A lot of bikers tend to follow the punk culture and many punk people are big-time bikers, therefore seeing the connection between the two cultures or subcultures we have prepared a very special jacket for you Men’s Café Racer Punk Biker Leather Jacket which is basically a mix of the two cultures; the punk and the bikers.

The Features Are Interesting

The Men’s Café Racer Punk Rock Biker Leather Jacket is made of real leather, and there’s a viscose lining to it. The viscose keeps the jacket warm and cozy. The collar is stand up styled, with a tab button, whereas, the closure is zippered and the cuffs are zippered too. There are two front zipper pockets and two pockets inside. Many colors are available like blue, brown, white, etc. Get the jacket now!

5 reviews for Men’s Café Racer Punk Biker Leather Jacket

  1. Karl Davis

    I love the gothic dressing style, and, although I am a regular office-going man, whenever I get a chance I wear punk-style outfits. I purchased this jacket almost 14 days back, and it’s delivered in time without any issues. I really adore this jacket.

  2. Arthur Ellis

    I am going to gift this jacket to my son, Carl, on his 25th birthday, as he’s really interested in biking and stuff, so I thought it would make an awesome gif for him. I got the delivery on time and faced no problems during the whole purchasing process whatsoever.

  3. Rober Hasek

    The jacket is small and looks good. Delivery took a while.

  4. Yichao Zhao

    very well made made

  5. jochem kueng

    Fast service. Good quality

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