Grace Sachs The Undoing Stripe Sweater

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Tv Series The Undoing Nicole Kidman Turtleneck Striped Sweater

Grace Fraser is a character from the famous TV series ‘The Undoing’ that has recently been on HBO, and has achieved a lot of success and fame is a restively short period of time. The drama is about a couple that is seemingly living a perfect and peaceful life, and nothing to worry about.

The drama is based on a famous 2014 novel ‘You should have known,’ although it is not completely based on the novel and it is overall a different story, with the writers and directors, making changes to the original story.

The Cast Is Top Class!

The drama has renowned actors, Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman, playing the main characters of the couple, Jonathan and Grace Fraser, around whom the whole story revolves.

They have a son called Henry Fraser, played by Noah Jupe, who attends a very elite, upper class, school called the Reardon, and the school’s major donor is Grace’s father, who deposits huge amounts of money into school accounts as a charity. In return for all this Grace has a special status among the school’s parent club.

The Undoing Coats And Jackets Are Super Fabulous!

The drama has a very suspenseful, gripping story, and a very fine cast as well. The cast has worn extraordinarily luxurious, sophisticated, and elegant clothes, tempting the fans to buy the same lovely clothes – that’s the reason why so many people are queueing up at boutiques and stores these days, they are all after the Undoing Outfits and merchandise.

This One Is Just Lovely!

Grace Sachs The Undoing Stripe Sweater is a lovely sweater, worn by Nicole Kidman. It’s made of wool and has a viscose lining, which keeps it cozy and comfortable all the time. The collar is a high neck style, and the closure is a pull-over one. The sweater has open hem cuffs and multiple stripes.


  • Tv Series: The Undoing
  • Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
  • Character: Grace Sachs


  • Material: Wool
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Collar: High Neck Style
  • Closure: Pull-Over Style
  • Cuffs: Open Hem Cuffs
  • Color: Multicolor Stripes

1 review for Grace Sachs The Undoing Stripe Sweater

  1. Diane Hawkins

    I have hardly seen sweaters this good, comfortable and classy. The sweater is something that I can wear anywhere, at any time. For instance, going for the groceries, or jog, or taking my pup for a walk, or picking my children from school. It’s just awesome.

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