Houston Astros Fashion Jacket

The relationship between fashion and baseball is new but something we cannot deny. Everyone has become a fan of baseball-inspired jackets, from team players on the field to celebrities in star-studded events. High-end brands have started working on providing apparel for clubs and tapped star players for their campaigns and runways in hopes of opting the sport’s global audience. Amid this sudden surge in appetite for baseball-inspired outerwear, Houston Astros jackets are the ones to be called the rock stars of the party.

The Houston Astros is a professional baseball team based in Houston, Texas, which was established in 1962 as the Colt .45s and was renamed the Astros in 1965. They have a long and storied history; some of the game’s greatest players have worn their uniforms. This team is beloved by its passionate fanbase, who affectionately refer to themselves as “Astros Nation.” Along with the talented roster, a rich history, and a loyal fanbase, this one has also conquered the fashion industry. As part of bringing fashion renaissance, this team has given staple wardrobe pieces to rev up the styling game. Below, we dive deep into the top-notch jackets shaking the scene off the field.

American Model Kate Upton Astros Sweater Jacket

First in line, this top-notch jacket is inspired by the on-point styling game of Kate Upton. She is an American model and actress who wore this during a baseball game, one of her most memorable fashion moments. Since becoming an instant hit, this clothing piece not only complements your daily casual look but also makes you look chic in your main life events. Its exterior has a rainbow color pattern with a buttoned closure, making it functional and fashionable.

Glitter Houston Astros Sequin Blue Jacket

Glitter Houston Astros Blue Sequin Jacket

We’d be lying if we said this jacket’s sparkle and shine don’t captivate us. It comes with eye-catching blue sequins and glitter accents, making it a stunning piece of apparel for fashion-forward fans. Its sleek design makes it a vulnerable piece that allows you to style it differently every time, whether you are headed to a game at Minute Maid Park or out for a night on the town. Not to do injustice with its construction, including a fleece exterior and a viscose-lined interior that keeps you at your best comfort despite the weather conditions.

Kate Upton Astros Victory Parade  Bomber Jacket

Kate Upton Astros Victory Parade World Series Bomber Jacket

Extracted from the Houston Astros Victory Parade in 2017, this jacket evokes a strong history connected to the baseball course. She sported it to celebrate the team’s world series and to show support for her husband, Justin Verlander. Her appearance at the parade in this apparel piece has made it an instant hit among fans. This jacket, besides its connection with the celebrity, also has adorable features, including the team’s logo, elegant collar, cuffs, and closure. Needless to say that this bomber jacket will forever be remembered as a significant moment in Houston sports history.

Quintanilla Perez Selena Bomber Jacket

1994 Quintanilla Perez Selena Houston Astros Bomber Jacket

Music and sports have always been good friends. It would be fair to say that singers have played an important role here. From the opening ceremonies to matches, either they are seen performing or cheering for their favorite team from the audience stand. Among them was one of the lost gems, Quaintella Perez Selena, who not only attracted music fans but also gave us fashion inspiration by outfitting this Bomber Jacket. It is an iconic piece of memorabilia that pays homage to this late singer. It features the team logo, along with navy blue and orange colors. This vintage piece is a rare find and prized possession for any Selena fans who love sports.

By Kate Upton Justin Verlander Jacket

Kate Upton Justin Verlander Astros Bomber Jacket

Kate Upton, the legendary model, is the inspiration behind this clothing piece. She has always been a fan of the team, at the start due to her likeness and then due to his husband being a part of it. Well, whatever the reason, she gave us a stunning piece in the form of this jacket. It is crafted to make you look stylish, warm, and comfortable on chilly days. Its design includes vibrant colors, a team logo, an elegant closure, cuffs, and a staple collar. Make a statement with this piece wherever you go.  

Starter Astros Black Label Varsity Bomber Jacket

Starter Astros Black Label Varsity Bomber Jacket

Black color has always been an essential one in the fashion industry. We have seen it all over the place, from ramp walks to movies to team matches. Taking Houston Astros clothing collection in its wave, this varsity bomber jacket comes in black with an orange and white striped waistband and collar. What makes it a dream outerwear is its comfortable fit and trendy design. Whether you are heading out for a casual or formal one, this one will always fill in the styling gaps.

Astros Star Satin Bomber Jacket

Astros Big Logo Satin Bomber Jacket

Ask a fashion enthusiast who is also a sports lover what kind of material attracts them. You name it, and we make it. Satin is the fabric we are talking about. This bomber jacket is constructed with the same material, featuring a sleek and stylish design showcasing the team logo and colors. It comes with an extra layer of convenience, with the collar, cuffs, and waistband being a part of its overall construction. It has everything to become a perfect layering piece, whether it is a party you need to attend or going for a walk in the park.

 Astros White & Orange Star Jacket

White and Orange Houston Astros Star Jacket

Another in line with the satin fabric construction, this jacket is the perfect pick for every fashionista. This one is fabricated for the partiers who always want to be legit with their fashion game. With the satin fabric, white and orange vibrant colors, the team name and star representing the logo, this outerwear’s exterior is chic enough to center all the attention on you.

Houston Baseball Blue And Orange Jacket

Houston Astros Baseball Blue And Orange Bomber Jacket

This jacket is designed with a blue body and orange sleeves to give you an ideal layering piece. The team logo is on its exterior, displaying a sense of pride for the Astros. Moreover, the bomber jacket style adds an elegant touch to the classic sports jacket design, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Its buttoned closure and rib knitted collar are noticeable features that add functionality and fashion to this outerwear. We suggest you style it with a white t-shirt and denim jeans to get a look that can bag compliments for you wherever you go.

Astros Blue Denim Jacket for Women

Houston Astros Blue Denim Jacket for Women

Women have always been a fan of denim jackets. From a girl’s night out to a roadside adventure, they are seen outfitting one of them and styling it in the best ways. This blue denim jacket inspired by the team outfit collection allows women to revive their styling game. It is designed with a pink Astros logo on the top left corner and a classic design with a button-up front and a collar, complementing an outfit in a great manner. Head out to your next game in this jacket to channel your inner diva.

Houston Cream Captain Starter Jacket

Houston Astros Star Cream Captain II Full Zipper Starter Jacket

If you are on this page, you must know how far the team has come. Being one of the most successful teams in the MLB and winning division titles and league championships, this team deserves all the hype. As a fan, you can show your support with this jacket. It’s exterior features a cream color that not only makes it look sophisticated but also makes it relevant for all seasons. Its fabric keeps you at your best comfort while you cheer and hoot for the team from the audience stand.

Get Houston Orange Bomber Jacket

Houston Astros Orange Bomber Jacket

Orange is the new black. You must have heard this phrase quite several times now. Watch it getting implemented with this jacket. This one from the Astros-inspired merchandise is a stunning piece that is eye-catching and comfortable to wear. It will give you the party’s limelight and make you look effortless.

Astros Star Striped Jacket

Houston Astros Star Striped Blue Bomber Jacket

If you are looking for a jacket that makes you night out ready and rocks your messy look at home, then this one is quite the right choice. The striking blue and orange design with the prominently displayed Astros logo has made it a dream outerwear for the fashion enthusiasts. So, whether at the ballpark or just out and about in your daily life, this one is an ideal choice for every styling need.

Astros Pro Mash-Up Logo Jacket

Houston Astros Pro Standard Mash-Up Logo Varsity Jacket

Featuring a unique design, this jacket is vogue enough to become a fan favorite. The exterior has a classic Astros logo with the Pro Standard branding creating an appealing and sophisticated mash-up. We must not miss to tell you about its intricate details, including a soft wool body, a button closure, and a waistband for a secure fit. Be the first comer at the party to grab this outerwear to brag about your love for your favorite team.

Vintage 90s Starter Houston Astros Blue Varsity Jacket

This highly sought-after piece is perfect for baseball fans who love fashion. It features a classic Astros logo, with the back dominating the blue color. Crafted from durable materials, it has everything to stand the rigors of the game day and keeps the fans warm during cold nights while cheering from the audience stand. Evoking nostalgia for a bygone era in baseball history, this outerwear is a true gem for the fans.

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