The Undoing Coat Outfits

The Undoing Coat Outfits

So, The Undoing is in the air and on the air right now, with its very first season hitting the box office with unexpectedly huge amounts of profits, public support, and admiration. The fans are not only fascinated by the story and plot but also by the excellent collection of clothes, luxury jackets, and coats, which both the lead actors have worn. This drama series is one of those in which every single aspect, from clothing and dresses to scene sequences and dialogues have been taking great care of.

A Psychological Thriller You Shouldn’t Miss!

The drama has recently been launched on HBO and revolves around the relationship of a couple that is seemingly a perfect one. The couple is none other than the very handsome Hugh Grant, and the very ravishing Nicole Kidman, playing as Jonathan Fraser and Grace Fraser, respectively.

Jonathan Fraser is shown as a very successful, witty, and handsome man, working as a pediatric, whereas, Grace – Kidman – is a very attractive, cultured, and almost perfect lady, working as a therapist. The couple seems to have no problems with their married life. They have only one child named Henry – Noah Jupe.

They have no problems with their happily married life, with all the financial and other resources abundantly available, and Grace is shown having all kinds of luxurious clothes made of velvet, chiffon, and satin, etc. in her closet, in one episode. Grace and her husband, both, are happy with their career and focus on their professions wholeheartedly.

There’s Huge Trouble Ahead For The Couple

Grace is also an active member of the parent’s committee of the school, Reardon. This is the school that their child attends. Since Grace’s father Donal Sutherland is a rich and wealthy donor of the school, Grace enjoys a prestigious position, without having to impose her importance and significance all the time, as she gets it automatically due to her father’s contributions. The social circle at the Reardon is the only aspect of their life which seems to be a bit off the track.

Now, there one woman named Elena Alves who ruins things up for the couple when she at a meeting of Reardon’s parents shames the ‘perfect’ couple before everyone else, and later at the fundraiser Elena is found dead! And, Jonathan is gone. Grace thinks how pathetic is that she could never ever read her own husband and his intentions. And being a therapist didn’t enable her to analyze her husband’s behavior.

The Undoing is a psychological thriller and is a masterpiece of Susanne Bier and writer David E Kelly. It’s particularly going to interest psychologists and mental health therapists worldwide as every single detail of the movie offers a lot of learning.

Apart from all the ingredients, the thriller drama series has to offer, the dressing style and attire selection for Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant are outward, making the drama even more captivating. In the gripping episodes Grace, Kidman, has worn Stunning Coats and Jackets, and trench coats, making the fans rush to the markets to get the same outfits for themselves as well.

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