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Leather Is Always in Fashion…

Leather is always in fad no matter what? Has there been a single, a single month, or a single season when leather was not in demand? We say no! The thing with leather is that it is not bound to a particular season or month.

Now, obviously, men and women Black Leather Jackets are more in demand in winters than it is in summers, but this doesn’t mean people don’t wear leather outfits in winters. In fact, leather attire sales are hardly any lower compared to those in winters. This shows leather is a material for every season.

One of the reasons that leather is always in demand is that it has been thoroughly popularized by Hollywood actors and actresses and there’s hardly any actor left who hasn’t worn luxury jackets to further make them popular and add to their value…

Special Qualities of Leather

So, what are the special and strange qualities of leather? The one and most important quality of the leather is that no other fabric can give out the elegance and luxury that leather can give, which simply means that no other fabric can ever match the elegance of leather.

Leather also has a very unique quality of giving out the luster and shines which is obviously something you can’t expect from wool and cotton. The shine and luxe of leather make it far more valuable and fascinating to look at.

Apart from all the qualities is the durability and long life of leather jackets which no other fabric can ever match. You know, some leather outfits are even known to have lasted for lifetimes, and that’s a big fact that proves that if they are properly maintained they may last lifetimes… What next?

Personalities Who Immortalized Leather!

Many Hollywood, Bollywood, British film industry, sport, and TV celebrities have worn awesome and top-notch jackets and coats at some point in their life which has made jackets into the fad icon they are today.

You know the first-ever biker leather jacket was worn by the legendary action and romance hero of Hollywood Marlon Brando. Brando wore one in one of his scenes in one of his superhit 1950 movies. He wore the jacket while striding a bike and so it became popular as a biker jacket.

After that people rushed to the stores and demanded the attire which is still in fad after 60 years.

Now, to name a few great actors and sports celebrities who have worn leather jackets, let’s have a look at this list: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Robert De Nero, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Mil Gibson, Jim Carrey, Hugh Grant, James Bond character, George Clooney, Nicholas Cage, and so many others.

Apart from the male celebrities and actors, there are plenty of examples of female celebrities who have decked out leather jackets at some point in their lives. These females not only popularized leather they even challenged the status quo and broke the phrase “leather is not for women.”

The list of female celebrities having decked out in leather is pretty long too. Here you go… Maggie Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Shakira, Jemima Goldsmith, Melanie Trump, Michelle Obama, and there are plenty more.

Taking Care of Leather

So, what are the steps that you should take to ensure that the jackets you buy are not damaged and last many, many years? Here’s what you should do, just follow the steps and sustain your leather jackets for years…

The first and foremost thing is to avoid being too rough when you have the thing on. This means that you shouldn’t be careless when you have your jacket on, because running or biking carelessly the jacket can get scraped and scratched and that scratch will ruin the look.

So walk and move with care so your jacket wouldn’t get caught in spikes or edges, to say so.

Then, the next thing is to wash the jacket with the washing power that is best and specifically made for leather. In this way, the detergent will do its maximum. And, wait… Don’t over-wash the jacket that will take away the luxe and shiny look too. Just wash and scrape with a light and easy hand.

Leather clothing is made to endure sun heat, rain and winds so they are not really a big problem. But, it’s always good to not overexpose the jacket to sun or heat as that will also slowly make it fade in color (which is natural and it can still be polished again), but care is still better.

A New Kind Of Leather Jackets

Now let’s come down to the most important point and that is what quilted jackets are. So as you know there are many different kinds of leather jackets like biker, bomber, punk, studded, distressed, etc. Similarly, quilted is a kind of Quilted Leather Jacket. But, what’s special about them, let’s discuss…

As the name suggests quilted clothing is made of two to three layers of leather, so they are really, really warm and cozy. The quilted jackets are made using insulating and batting material which keeps the inner side of the jacket particularly warm. So it is very safe to say that they are best for winters and ‘cool’ summers.

So the confusion with quilted stuff is over? Now let’s move and see what Jacket Junction will offer you in this regard. Here we go…

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