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Men’s & Women’s Aviator or Bomber Sheepskin/ Shearling Jackets & Coats

Introducing Classic Women & Mens Leather Aviator Jacket & Shearling Coat! Amp up your Jackets Collection with our Faux Shearling Jackets and Coats available in premium quality and at the best affordable prices. Created originally for Pilots, these items have left their notable mark on fashion history. The Shearling Jacket is manufactured from a wide variety of premium quality fabrics, from leather to sheepskin fur. These are the perfect minimalistic outerwear you can never go wrong with. Influenced by the military, Aviator Jackets are designed to convey the maximum amount of warmth while also allowing the air to trespass, keeping it moisture-wicking and breathable. When styled right, these jackets will have you looking extra sharp with a perfect vintage vibe. Pair your Aviator Jacket Mens with your favorite denim or chinos, and you are ready to take on the day! You can also try our Mens Shearling Coat which is another way to notch up your everyday street style. Moreover, these outfits are durable and have a way to look even better with age. Shop this trendy Shearling Aviator Jacket Mens today for an unforgettable wearing experience in your budget. Featuring modern designs, The Aviator Jacket Women offers you a luxurious look with complete comfort and easy care. These versatile outfits can be dressed up or down, depending on your style. Get your hands on our Women Shearling Jacket to look best dressed for any event.

Offering eye-catching Aviator Jacket & Shearling Coat Range

Add a chic edge to your winter closet by trying on your favorite item from this outerwear collection. Let us walk you through a catalog of some of the finest pieces we have in store for you.

Men’s & Women’s Aviator Shearling Jacket

Aviator Shearling Leather Jacket is an iconic repertoire of warm wear for all men and women around the world. These garments consist of a furry collar across genuine leather. It contains a zipper closure or may also be adorned with a snap-button belt around the waist. These jackets are available in various color schemes, each looking as stylish as the other. It’s up to you to either choose the typical black Shearling Jacket or opt for a brown one; either way, you are destined to look awe-inspiring with your fashionable attire.
Aviators Jacket builds a classic bridge between vintage and trendy wear with an ever-lasting room for re-imagination and fashion experimentation. Designers from all over the world have added their unique touch to this outerwear while also maintaining its classic appearance. Since jackets made of natural fabrics cost a hefty sum, you can also opt for a much cheaper alternative like suede or Faux Shearling Jacket, which is an inexpensive and ecologically friendly material. In addition, it is easier to carry and is extremely lightweight, giving you just the right amount of heat you’ll require in winter.

B3, B6 & RAF Sheepskin/Shearling Bomber Jacket

Shearling bomber jackets are excellent apparel for the winters. Originated in the 30s, this outerwear hasn’t changed much since, although countless designers have experimented with their style, altering minor details but keeping the original version intact. A B3 Bomber Jacket is a combination of sheepskin and bulky sheep fur. It was created in the year of 1934 to keep people warm at an altitude of up to 25000 feet and was also used in WW2. These jackets are extremely warm and make up the best chic staple of your wardrobe.
Later, B6 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket was introduced to the pilots flying open-cockpit planes. As much as it was loved by the people years ago, it still maintains this reputation in this era. The high-quality leather supported by a smooth and furry shearling lining becomes irresistible for all fashionistas.
Shearling Jackets are created with hand-cut, supple sheepskin pelts. These garments authentically comprise brass zippers and waist belts made of goatskin. These are timeless classics that never go out of fashion. Worn by many celebrities, the Mens and Women Faux Shearling Jacket is the perfect go-to style for all fashion fanatics.

Men’s & Women’s Shearling Coat

Harp back to the original utilitarian style with our Aviator Coats. Now, times have changed, but modern fashion remains faithful to this aesthetic of winter wear. Comprising furry collars and button closures with and roomy or snug silhouette, this outfit will be an excellent addition to your collection.
Mens Shearling Coat continued to evolve and became an integral part of pop culture. These Coats are made from many different leather materials ranging from thick cowhide to soft lambskin. Even though they come in numerous colors, the traditional black and brown remain unmatched.

Blending Vintage and Modern Styles Together

Weaving in minimalistic styles and functionality, Aviator Jacket is designed to give you maximum warmth with a chic appearance. This jacket is a traditional leather bomber-style outerwear created from lambskin, sheepskin leather, or cowhide material and contains a fitted waist and a shearling collar. Found in various color themes from black, brown, khaki, grey, and others.
Shearling Jackets have continuously surged a trendsetting wave in the fashion world, from being featured in blockbuster movies to being worn by veteran classic actors and actresses. Designers over the years have recreated this fashionable item with a unique vibe every time. For example, the Cropped Women Shearling Jacket is an iconic short-length bomber displaying an iconic combination of classic and contemporary styles. Moreover, the Men Shearling Jacket is another stylish outerwear often included in designers’ and celebrities’ winter collections. It features a vibe of boldness and adventure but does it elegantly, creating an alluring aura around the wearer.
Looking for a fashionable and functional outerwear option? Then hurry up and order our versatile leather Aviator jackets and Shearling coats! These jackets are made with real or faux fur and will keep you warm all winter long! So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite piece now!

FAQ’s Aviator Shearling Jackets

1. What is a Shearling Jacket/Coat?
Shearling jackets/Coats use processed lambskin, sheepskin, or pelts. This results in a soft, natural fleece material that is heavy because of the amount of fur inside. The length of the sheep’s fur is typically cropped short to about two inches or five centimeters. Because of their high quality and uniqueness, the Men or Women Shearling Jackets and coats are considered luxurious.

2. How to clean Aviator Jackets or Coats?
When cleaning your Shearling Coat or Jacket, clean the spot or stain rather than letting it set. A mild detergent or an everyday hair shampoo is ideal for cleaning it. Use a rag and cool water to hand blot the area to be cleaned. Do not soak through to the shearling. Air-dry it (out of direct sunlight) to avoid damage.

3. How warm are Faux Shearling Jackets?
These jackets use thick fabric, so they don’t need layering, thus being ideal for cooler seasons. Aviator jackets are extremely warm and highly comfortable.

4. What is a Shearling Leather Jacket?
A Faux Shearling Aviator Jacket comprises a faux or real leather or suede surface on one side and a clipped fur or shorn wool surface on the other. Usually, the leather side is worn outward.

5. What is a B3 Sheepskin Bomber Jacket?
The B3 Aviator Jackets combine sheepskin and very thick sheep fur. These were initially created for aircraft bombers and can be referred to as Bomber Jackets.

6. How do you wear Mens Shearling Coat?
The perfect way to wear this Coat as an Aviator Jacket Mens is to match it with blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a nice pair of white sneakers or Chelsea boots.

7. Is Shearling Real Fur?
When it comes to Shearling Coat or Jackets there are two kinds of it. The real shearling is created using natural sheepskin or lambskin (or pelt), whereas the other kind is used in Faux Shearling Jackets, its synthetic alternative.

8. Why are Aviator Jackets so expensive?
Due to processes like tanning, processing, and treating leather and animal hides while utilizing organic products, manufacturing these jackets requires a hefty sum. Therefore, Shearling Jackets are, most of the time, very expensive. But you don’t need to worry because Jackets Junction can get these vintage-style Sheepskin Bomber Jackets at considerably low prices and premium quality.

9. Can you wear shearling in the rain?
Your Shearling Jacket can withstand mild rain or snow, but it is not advised to wear it in the pouring rain. It increases the risk of damage and wears down quality, but you can minimize it by using effective drying methods.

10. How long do a Women or Mens Shearling Jacket last?
When cared for properly, a high-quality sheepskin coat can last for decades while sustaining its softness and shape. They are long-living items, so investing in a Women or Mens Shearling Bomber Jacket is always a great option.

11. Are Aviator Jackets still in fashion for 2022?
Aviator or Shearling Jackets in Mens and Women’s fashion are rapidly making a comeback this season. The majority of designers include them in their winter collections, taking inspiration from modern and vintage styles.

12. What is the difference between Sheepskin and Shearling?
Although used interchangeably when referring to Aviator Jacket, sheepskin and shearling differ in some details. While sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, the latter one includes tanned hides with attached wool that comes only from lambs.

13. Is the Shearling Jacket heavy?
Typically, a shearling or Aviator Jacket Women or Mens feels very heavy and solid, but it is the opposite once you wear them. It gives you comfort and makes you feel cozy, doesn’t weigh you down, and the cut allows you to layer endlessly underneath.

14. Where to buy a Shearling Coat or Aviator Jacket?
Numerous mainstream and local brands offer classic aviator-style Sheepskin Bomber Jackets. But with Jackets Junction, you get the advantage of premium quality stuff available in super-discounted price ranges, which you can further notch down through our often held sales and promotional offers.

15. Which jacket is best for winter?
To find which Aviator Jacket is best for you, consider the activities you plan to do. Technical jackets are the best for lightweight warmth that allows for a full range of movement when engaging in outdoor activities. Others will be longer and have features designed for added comfort, like a hood—sometimes trimmed with fur—and are warm and chic enough for the office or any other casual day. Some Shearling Jackets are warm enough for days spent in the city and work best in the mountains, and they combine attractive style and functionality with several technical details and a well-thought-out design.

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