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Have you watched the recent comedy action movie The Gentlemen? If still not, let me tell you it’s a movie that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. The movie was actually shot in both America and the United Kingdom, and the cast is also mixed including American as well as British actors.

First of all, the film has a super gorgeous cast. The lead role has been played by the one and the only Hugh Grant, and the film features many other top-class actors like Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Michelle Dockery, Jeremy Strong, Eddie Marsan, and Colin Farrell.

So What’s The Movie About?

Well, it’s set in the theme of crime mafia kind of movies, but it’s quite comedic and will leave you in giggles at times. The story involves a drug lord who’s an American expatriate by the name of Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, who is looking to sell away his huge Marijuana business empire.

He can’t just do that so easily, isn’t it? So, before he can make a deal and give the business away a lot of hurdles show up in the way in the form of a cunning blackmailer, hawk-eyed business rivals, and an inquisitive magazine editor, who watches the drug lord with stealth, and keeps on his tail all the time. All of them are looking to take a piece out of this grand deal if snatching away all of the empires is not an option.

Doesn’t It Sound Interesting?

The movie is indeed one of those that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen. The director Guy Ritchie has directed, written a well as produced this awesome movie himself, therefore, a major part of the credit in this movie’s enormous success goes to him, although unbelievable chemistry between the actors is also commendable.

The movie is not slapstick comedy but still gives you a good laugh. Guy Ritchie has simply made sure that the audiences are able to connect with the film as it goes on, with all the actors given the most suitable roles, and witty subliminal comedic lines that grip your attention and win your heart instantly.

What’s The Ending? Want To Find Out?

Will the drug lord succeed in selling his vast Marijuana business without any hurdles? Or, will the blackmailing goons be able to take their share of the money, or, probably, the whole of the business right from under his nose?

To find answers to these questions you have got to watch the movie yourself, as we simply can’t afford to spoil the suspense and thrill of the movie for you.

The Combo Of All The Characters Is A Lovely Treat

All the characters have been developed with great skill, with a particular vulnerability attributed to each one of them along with several symbolic traits attached. For example, one character is being smart and witty and the other being cunning and quick. One with quick straight-faced retorts always at hand, the other being pensive, having few words to say.

The characters are depicted as gentlemen, and to match the film’s name they are decked out in stylish and luxury clothes. The clothing and dress style of the cast has also caught a lot of attention.

Top Quality Actors Wearing Top Quality Outfits

The classy outfits – suits, coats, and trousers – worn by the drug lord himself have been in the limelight, however, surprisingly most of the characters have worn tracksuits throughout the film. Probably, because they are always on the run…

We have arranged a variety of tracksuits for you to look at, evaluate, and if you wish, order and wear. Have a good look at the amazing The Gentlemen Coach Tracksuit collection, and choose your pick!

Style 1 Blue With Printed Checks

Style # 1: Blue With Printed Checks

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The Gentlemen coach tracksuit is a stylish and elegant tracksuit made of cotton blend and has a viscose lining to it which keeps it comfortable and soft at all times. The collar is rib-knitted, which gives it a unique and decent look, whereas, the front is open with zipper closure.

So when are you going to order it? Wait, there’s more! The full sleeves are rib knitted with cuffs and there are two waist pockets outside and two pockets inside. The color of the tracksuit is blue with an amazing checkered design overall.

Style 2 Grey with checkered print

Style # 2: Grey With Checkered Print

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The tracksuit has a rib-knitted collar, looks quite decent and stylish at the same time. The collar has a print of black and white whereas the overall color of the tracksuit is lovely grey that surely inspires awe.

There’s a zipper closure that has a shiny silver zip, which further enhances the look of this tracksuit. Isn’t that enough? Indeed, it’s something that will boost up your personality the moment you put it on.

Style 3 Brown with Checks All Over

Style # 3: Brown With Checks All Over

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Another color of the same design, however, this is something that you would want to wear when going for a walk or a jog, say. The tracksuit is finely stitched and you won’t find any little aberration with the stitching.

The trouser is cotton made, and it’s absolutely comfortable to wear. Get this tracksuit now and you’ll love yourself decked out in it!

Style 4 Most Stylish One!

Style # 4: Most Stylish One!

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This is the style that is most stylish of all. And, it is something that can embellish your personality instantly. This tracksuit can even be worn to night parties, because of its lovely texture, design, and look.

The tracksuit is grey in color and has a dark grey checkered design everywhere, whereas, the collar, which is rib-knitted, the cuffs, and the lower end, have strips of a beautiful combo of black, yellow, and white. The zipper is black. Don’t think too much, this is something that must be there in your closet or wardrobe no matter what. So order now!

The Final Word

So, the movie is just fantastic and has acquired millions of fans around the world in just one year of its release, that too when the cinemas and theatres are closed due to the Covid19 pandemic.

No matter how many times you have read about the movie in public reviews or articles, if you haven’t watched it yourself then you have passed over something quite valuable, particularly if you’re a cinephile – Oh, that? That’s a term used for movie buffs!