How To Buy A Real Leather Jacket for Men: The Perfect Guide

A Perfect Shopping Guide To Buy Real Leather Jacket For Men

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones, finding an ideal leather jacket for men may seem daunting. But don’t let this scare you! If you consider a few important


 factors, you can find the best leather jacket for your needs. It is as easy as counting one, two, and three. First, determine a style that looks good on you, choose the color and skin of your preference, and finally, pick the one that fits your body type and that’s it. You have selected a jacket that can go on for centuries to come.

A Perfect Shopping Guide To Buy Real Leather Jacket For Men

What Type of Leather Jacket for Men Should Wear?

It totally depends upon your preference and taste. Most people are likely to buy a bomber jacket because it is more versatile and can fit any scenario or occasion. Others, who are more into a particular type of design, prefer a specific leather jacket such as fashion, biker, classic or vintage, cafe racer and many others. While searching for the right leather jacket for men is a tough question to answer, you can always find a jacket and stick with it. There are many brands and different types of leather jackets are available in the market. Some are cool, some are classic, and some are a mixture of both. Your jacket should be something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Leather Bomber Jackets:

Leather Bomber Jackets

The WWI styled leather bomber jackets have changed drastically in the past few decades mostly because of varying US standards. Now, European bomber jackets are lean, sans-curls, attractive, and use a hidden zipper.  This type of leather jacket for men is worn as office attire as well as for casual parties and gatherings.

Leather Biker Jackets:

Leather Biker Jackets

Leather Biker Jackets have become a norm in Europe, especially among the biking community. There are many bikers who wear these biker jackets while riding. The difference between a biker and a bomber jacket is that they are short in length, little tight on arms and shoulders and in most cases, without fold-able collars. People wear a biker jacket for all sorts of activities including casual meetups and even in offices. In fact, this type of leather jacket for men has almost removed the office attire completely, most people wear casual dresses even in offices. Sometimes, people use biker jackets and racer jackets interchangeably. Don’t worry about that, both have minute differences. 

Cafe Racer Jackets:

Cafe Racer Jackets

Cafe Racer Jackets are mostly worn by professional bikers or heavy biker drivers. But since people have always admired these jackets, fashionistas decided to bring them to the mass market. The cafe racer jackets are waist-deep in length, and have padding on elbows – this makes them safe for riding at high speeds. They don’t have any extra pockets that can cause disturbance during motorcycle rides. The best part about this leather jacket for men, is that they don’t get damaged easily if they are made of pure leather. So, you can easily wear them for long rides without worrying about safety.

Classic Leather Jackets:

Classic Leather Jackets

Classic leather jackets are made for all occasions. They include high-level of detailing, with taped seams, waterproof leather, hidden zippers, protruding pockets, inner cuffs, exterior, fold able collars, that users can wear at any time of the day. The classic jackets reach mid-stomach only and have sleeves slightly shorter than racer and biker jackets. This kind of leather jacket for men,  is ideal for all weather conditions, because they are water-proof, heat resistance, and versatile.

Are You Buying A Real Leather Jacket?

Are You Buying A Real Leather JacketIf you are planning to buy a real leather jacket for men, so keep in mind that they are not cheap. You will have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a real leather jacket. You need to find that is the material include imperfections and blemishes? Real leather is not always refined and includes many pebbles and pores. It has a musky smell instead of plastic and vinyl smell that you may get from faux leather jackets. A high-quality real leather doesn’t catch flame. You can test it by lighting a match near it. The real leather will smell like burnt hair. On the other hand, faux leather will catch fire and burn with sparks.

Get Measurements Done:

Leather jackets for men are usually plain in length from top to bottom. You only need to measure the chest, waist, shoulder, and sleeves and that’s it. Let’s learn more about how to get proper measurements of your leather jacket. To buy a real leather jacket for men, you need to make sure that measurements are 100% correct. We have written a comprehensively size guide on how to take measurements and check the size before a buy a real leather jacket for men.

Get Measurements Done

Shoulders: Measure shoulder from one corner to the other with creases.

Chest: Measure the whole chest after you inhale air. This way you will be able to take the inflated chest measurements.

Waist: Take measurements of the whole waist right where your belly button is placed.

Final Thoughts:

Once you have the measurements in place. Check them the size-chart provided by the online leather jacket store. If the size chart is correct and compare with your measurement, then you can buy a leather jacket for men according to you style, shape and needs. You can browse the latest collection of our high quality real leather jackets for men in various styles such as biker, bomber, celebrity and video-game inspired leather jackets which are ideal outfit for you to wear anywhere and everywhere.