Celebrating Christmas With Great Fervor

Celebrating Christmas with Great Fervor

11 Things to Make Your Christmas Special

This The Season, Yahoo!

As you know Christmas is a huge festival and celebrated all over the world. It’s just around the corner now and people are preparing for it with great fervor and anticipation. A lot of people are still thinking about which things to buy for Christmas and what to cut out from their shopping lists.

Christmas is a festival that is even celebrated and observed even in countries where Christianity is not a major religion of the people, for instance, Pakistan, Turkey, UAE, India, Malaysia, etc. Christmas has a feel that no other festival has, and it really is a very good source of spreading peace, love, happiness, and harmony if it’s celebrated to its true meaning.

How Did It Originate?

Christmas is a very old festival and marks the birthday of Jesus Christ. It’s celebrated every year on the 25th of December. The date is not really confirmed as the exact date when Jesu Christ was born and so are two to three different traditions regarding his birthday, but the 25th of December is most the most widely accepted date.

According to historians, Christmas began to be celebrated around the time of the great Emperor of Rome Constantine when he became a Christian, and then in place of their previous Gods birthday, Sol Invictus, which was the sun, they started celebrating Christmas the birth of Jesus. It was under this ruler that Christmas became an official festival. Many Christians still don’t celebrate Christmas who believe the festival was never celebrated during and after the time of Jesus, but their presence is minimal.

The Underlying Theme Is What Matters

The festival of Christmas has a theme of love, joy, happiness, sharing, and caring. The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate it through sharing love with others and caring for those in need of your attention. Christmas, as described by Charles Dickens, through his timeless novel The Christmas Carol, is a festival of spending for those who can just dream of cakes and roasted turkeys rather than eat them.

Christmas has a very lovely and lively theme to it, and certainly unique and symbolic figures like the Christmas tree or Santa Claus, have been attached to the festival for ages.

Santa – The Evergreen Christmas Figure

For instance, Santa Claus is a character without which celebrating Christmas will never be possible. Santa Claus and Christmas are tied with each other for centuries now but not from the very beginning of Christmas. Early Christmases didn’t have Santa in them, and the character was introduced as much later in memory of the very famous Saint Nicholas who was born somewhere in modern-day Turkey.

Santa Claus brings hope and happiness to the people who need him. The character is depicted as coming down from the heavens on a sled that is run by eight reindeer. He brings a lot of gifts with him to distribute among the kids who can’t afford to have gifts.

Santa wears a red coat or gown which is a sign of life, he has big hearty laughter, and he wears spectacles and has a long white beard. Also, he wears a cap and heavy boots. Overall, the character emanates great positivity and energy and makes everyone happy. Santa Claus is very popular among children.

The Coming Christmas

Christmas 2020

This coming Christmas 2020 things are not going to be the same and it’s very clear that this year due to the corona pandemic a lot of people are not going to celebrate Christmas as they always have. One aspect of Christmas that we can expect to be missing this year is social gatherings and meetings. Because of the Covid19, we are going to miss a lot of parties and probably will have to stay at home.

Also, shopping will be limited as a lot of restrictions will be imposed by the government to stop people from gathering at public places and coming close to each other. But, we must accept the fact that social distancing is the only way you can be safe from the virus and stay healthy when millions of people have been affected by it.

But don’t you worry! The things may not be right and the way you wish them to be you can still enjoy and celebrate Christmas with great fervor by doing the things that we have lined up for you, have a look at them below. By following our instructions you can be assured of a great Christmas this year, probably better than the previous ones.

Things to do to make Christmas special! Here you go…

Indulge In Preparing Christmas Food

There is no Christmas without good and lavish foods. Roasted or stuffed turkey is a particularly symbolic dish for the day of Christmas. So take your time and think about which foods or dishes you could make to celebrate Christmas better. Christmas is celebrated differently in different cultures.

Take Italy for instance, the foods prepared in Italy are very unique and delicious and have roots in the native culture of Italy. Famous Italian dishes for Christmas include Alfredo Pasta, Lasagna, corn-meal crusted calamari, Santa-Pasti wreath, Linguine and mussels, pasta with vodka cream sauce, etc.

Also, you could try newer ways of preparing specific Christmas foods and do away with the traditional dishes that have been made the same way for centuries; however, it’s very good to have at least one traditional dish on the table at Christmas dinner, something like tortellini soup or honey-coated turkey.

Buy Coats and Jackets

Christmas, obviously, lies in winter, and it’s not really a Christmas unless you wear awesome coats and jackets in it, even Santa wears a long red coat as a symbol of the lovely season that Christmas is. Coats and jackets suit the Christmas season particularly well because this is the time you can wear and show off your clothes.

If you like wearing designer stuff and, perhaps, celebrity outfits why don’t you deck out in them this Christmas? A lot of people have their hearts set on lovely and fashionable outfits, such as luxury coats, gowns,s or jackets that they saw in a particular movie, but don’t go with their heart and buy what they love because they are listening to the mind.

What’s the need to spend money? It’s stupid to buy celebrity outfits. I will buy another time, I don’t have the time to buy. These are all the excuses and thoughts that your mind makes when you want to buy something special for yourself. Don’t listen to them! Follow your heart and deck out in the best suit possible this Christmas. By the way, Nicole Kidman’s Coats are very popular as featured in the famous drama series The Undoing.

Well, the choice of style and outfits is very much up to you, choose whichever you think is best!

Give Out Gifts

Gifting people is the very essence of Christmas. The father of Christmas Santa Claus is known for distributing gifts among kids. If we take out the tradition of gifting from the festival of Christmas, what’s left there? The exchange of gifts is what makes Christmas a very beautiful occasion because you are observing the fundamental principle of ‘giving’ and negating selfishness.

Many people these days have started avoiding to present the gifts to their children and have become a saving attitude, thinking there is no meaning in giving gifts to the children instead we could save the money and go for a picnic. Never think this way! You may have become an adult but you don’t know what kids think about gifts and how they feel when they are gifted.

There no greater experience for the children than the excitement and joy of looking under their pillows or in the drawers for the gifts that Santa has left for them. Don’t take it away from them. Moreover, if you can do buy gifts for your siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Keep in mind, Christmas is all about giving, so don’t let Satan stop you from doing so.

Buy A Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is an essential prop for Christmas and without a Christmas tree, a huge part of the joy of the festival will vanish suddenly. There a few things that have been embedded in the air of Christmas so deeply that you cannot imagine a Christmas without them and, above all, is the making of Christmas trees.

Most people take great pleasure in making up Christmas trees, and they want to buy the best Christmas tree possible. Children are particularly crazy about Christmas trees and buy special beautiful items to hang up on their trees and sometimes there’s even a competition between children on who will make the best Christmas tree.

One important thing to remember is that Christmas trees tend to get sold out very quickly and at the end of the season close to Christmas low-quality trees are on sale, and people not knowing the fact buy those, only regret their decision later on.

The ability of trees to hold a large number of things without losing the foliage determines how the quality of the tree is, but such trees are very hard to find just before Christmas, therefore, drive to the market, or get it online, now!

Go Out With The Family

Well, in the corona pandemic, there are certain limitations that you must take care of while going out with the family, but you still can go.

It’s one of the activities of the Christmas day to go out with the family to some friend, and if not a friend then just for an outing, to a festival, or event, or a musical concert, all of that is easily available to make your Christmas wonderful, but this time you probably won’t have that opportunity.

So, first of all, decide which place you want to go to, then make sure you have all the necessary precautionary measures at home, when you step out of your house you should be wearing protective gear, gloves, masks, and hand cleansed with sanitizer.

When you reach that person’s house don’t hug or kiss them, particularly if it’s your grandparents or little kids, because they are most prone to getting affected by the coronavirus. Keep the distance while you are at the party, but you can still have fun, like eating, talking and watching movies together.

If you can observe the requirements specified by the government of your country, you are all free to hang out with people and spend Christmas out with your family.

Be Grateful

If you have an attitude of complaining about things and being not happy with what you already have you must seriously think about changing your behavior. Modern science is now confirming every day that the law of attraction really works and if your mental patterns are negative and resistant to the present you will only attract negative things in your life.

Make a habit of being grateful for whatever you have without thinking of the future. In this way, your psychological patterns will become open and receptive to the abundance and success that is always there waiting for you to open yourself to it.

Gratitude is the key to a happy and successful life, therefore drop any negative and complaining thoughts from your mind this Christmas and make a firm decision that you’ll be very thankful to the God or Universe and this will open you up to the cosmic power. Just try it. You’ll see how our life changes.

Give To Others, Indulge In Charity

The charity also has a special meaning in the context of Christmas. Christmas has a theme of giving, and how can your Christmas be complete without giving to others. You may be able to celebrate Christmas very well with your family and friends. You may be able to enjoy luxury dinners, roasted turkeys, and delicious pudding but there are people who can’t even have a good bowl of soup on Christmas day, help them!

There are a great many people who struggle both ends meet, the orphans, the widows, old age people, who have no other means to survive but your donations and charity.

On the eve of Christmas when you are purchasing a gift or two for your own children and your nephews and nieces how good it would be if you could drop some gifts at the orphanage or much better if you hand them the gifts yourself, this will help you attain great peace and inner satisfaction. Just, try it this Christmas!

Make A New Year Resolution

With Christmas comes New Year celebrations and it’s the time when people reflect on their past and think about the future plans. So, what’s your New Year resolution?

People tend to get very excited about the New Year and make up a huge list of resolutions for the New Year not realizing that if they haven’t been able to achieve the resolutions that they made up last year chances are very high that this year’s resolution points will go to waste as well.

If you’re really serious about making a good and effective New Year resolution start by thinking of the things that you desire to have, it could be anything that you most desire and want it within one year’s time. Be practical and realistic with your list and choose and write down things that can actually be gained in a year’s time.

Once you have decided on the thing, make a complete plan for it, how are you going to achieve it, what’s the nature of the thing, is it financial or spiritual, and how much you think it will take. Finally fix the objective or goal in your mind and begin on the journey.

If it is something you really want nothing can stop you from achieving the goal within one year, but absolute determination will be required on your part; otherwise it will end up like most of your previous New Year resolutions. Good luck!

Meet Your Friends And Relatives

Yes, this is the Christmas season, and who could stay at home on the day of Christmas without getting to meet the friends and family? But, most people are thinking of avoiding meeting friends this time around due to coronavirus.
Don’t worry, it’s still possible to have a good time with your friends this Christmas. The only precaution you have to take is to make sure you follow the rules and regulations prescribed by the government.

Wear face masks, gloves, use sanitizers while meeting your loved ones, but no one is stopping you from meeting them, just follow the safety measures so that you don’t become a threat to your family and a cause of coronavirus spread.

Read Spirituality

Spirituality doesn’t mean getting cut off from the world becoming isolated, that’s not spirituality even one good or positive is spirituality. The real purpose of spirituality is being one with everybody and everything without any separation.

The word ‘spirit’ comes from the word ‘spirit’ which literally means to breathe. The more you’re able to feel oneness with the things around you the more spiritual you will become, and if you have had enough mental suffering spirituality is the way out.

You may decide on one good book that you will start reading this Christmas. Or you list a number of books that you will finish by the end of next year. On the path of spirituality be patient and don’t be greedy for more and more knowledge because the whole essence of spirituality is negating the self and bowing down to the Universe.

One last thing regarding spirituality is don’t be disappointed by the hurdles just don’t give up or delay your practice No matter how many blocks you face on your journey just keep going and you’ll eventually find your true self.

Watch A Great Movie

On the day of Christmas, most people like to watch movies that they think are classic and special and not something that can be watched every day.

People tend to watch a movie like the Godfather series, Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, Inception, Terminator series, if that is your taste, Serpico, Good fellas, Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Harry porter series, or why not a comedy movie series.

The idea is that you enjoy Christmas to the fullest and watching a good movie will make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity of the Christmas holiday to spend your time best. Christmas is also a very good opportunity to watch movies that will enable you to reflect on yourself, movies that are deep and imaginative.

The Christmas holiday is the time to make yourself comfortable with literature because it’s really a season which if utilized properly will open new doors of life to you.

What Else Could You Do This Christmas?

The activities above are not the only ones that will make your Christmas memorable and lovely, therefore, the list is not exhaustive and you can many other activities that you think will make your Christmas a great experience.

Just to name some other activities, baking a delicious Christmas cake, starting your own book, applying to the job that you always wanted to get but were afraid to apply to, saying yes to your suitor, trying to plant new trees in your garden, painting your house wall, listening to great classical music, Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson, perhaps.

So what do you say? Are there any such things on your Christmas list? Take time to think about how to spend Christmas and then make up a plan and stick to it. Hope you have a great, great Christmas and New Year.

Merry Christmas!